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The Moment of Opening


Open up
And in this moment of opening
We hear the music of the soul
And share the song of spirit
The movement of time and tide
The ebb and flow that carries us all

In this moment of opening
We feel troubled
We want to celebrate life
But the loving mystery that holds us
Chooses to obscure our understanding

Life at its opening carries joy
And at its end carries sorrow
And the unknown
Desires to defy us
And defy our understanding
So that together we must share
This moment of loss and uncertainty
To feel the cloak of comfort
And the resonance
Of a life departed
In order to know love

At the heart of this moment
Lies tranquillity and movement
The time and tide
That carries us all

And if we accept this great design
This journey that begins with birth
And ends with death
We may begin to understand the flow
The exquisite shapes of eternity
The beauty of life and death
Revealing celestial love
Love without end






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