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Right Time

When we remember
Those moments in life
When we knew joy -
An accidental meeting of minds
Perfect laughter
Sunset on the hills
A great bird in flight
Then we understood…
That everything has its moment

And when we recall
Those days of happiness
When we danced by the sea
Hugged our beloved
Sang with friends
Walked in peace
It was then that we realised
That everything has its place
And its most perfect moment

And when we looked back
And recalled the days
When sorrow visited us
Dressed in black
And the one we loved
Seemed so different
Almost a stranger
Then we understood
All things have their chosen time

And now we say:
We understand
That kindness and consideration
Beauty and the unspoken
All have their moment -
In light
In darkness
In laughter
In sorrow
In the heart
And in the mind

But it is love, above all things
That stays with us
Transcending time
Surpassing space
Endless and eternal
That always has its moment

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