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Time is an illusion
It takes and it gives

All of us
Are travellers
On an endless and sacred
Journey of our making

The voyage of this companion
We remember this day
Because it was long and rich
Warm and bright
Sometimes sunny
Sometimes sad
For memories
Are the children
Of a long life

The voyage of this companion
Was colourful and complete
She was mother
And great grandmother
And so much more

She gave life
She gave love
And she gave friendship
And so much more

This family
Gathered in this place today
Would be nothing without her
Without her some of us
Would be less
Than a passing dream
Which is why we honour her spirit
Her love
Her knowledge
And her wisdom

This great journey
Yours and mine
Will never end
It may divert
And for a while
We may lose
Fellow travellers
Just for a moment
A blink in time
But we will always travel
With soul companions
Those we love

We, her children
Her grandchildren
Great grandchildren
And her friends
Have been given
Her power
Her love
And so we thank her
And those that created her

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