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An Angel Fell to Earth

An angel fell to earth
She tumbled like a stone
A meteor
A speck of space rubble

She laughed
As she entered
The outer atmosphere

Just a dot of light
She fell from space
But then suddenly
She swooped
Into the stratosphere
And unfolded
Her magnificent
White wings
Sailed and soared
Through the blue

She dived 
Like a hawk
Then turned
And wheeled upwards
On a breeze
Like an eagle
Her flight was dreamlike 

Flocks of birds
Swerved round her
Humans looked up
Marvelling at the shooting star 
Appearing and disappearing

For a while
She floated on a crown of clouds
Then dived earthwards
Riding on air currents
Tasting the perfume
Of distant flowers and trees 

She came
To meet departing souls
She came for me

My fading light 
Slipped into her hands
And her wings opened 

As she left the ground
I looked back
But the spirit of love
Carried me to a place of joy
Outside time itself

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