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Would you like a memory?
Or would you rather not?
Would you like to talk?
Or maybe no…
What about a photograph?
What? A photograph?

In such moments
Be sure of nothing
The word ‘grief’ doesn’t mean much
The meaning just gets lost

Take one step at a time
Breathe in and breathe out
And then breathe another breath
Sigh, and then shudder
Take each day as it comes
One thing at a time

Does it help to listen to sad music?
It does and it doesn’t
What about some rock?
If it rocked you
Gently, like a lullaby
Maybe yes

And now you may
“It’s no good wallowing”
“Don’t be a cry baby, be brave”
Maybe one should recall other rebukes
There is nothing like sharp words
Sharp words soften the blow

And talking of blow
I have a gift for you now
Right now I blow you a kiss
From the page of this reading
A very soft, insubstantial reassuring kiss
Invisible to the human eye
And with it a message
From one who knows

Feelings go deep…
They go so deep
It’s the gift we were given
To love, to hurt, and to lose

But here’s the mystery
And here the words
There is no loss
No loss
No loss
It’s an illusion
A sad illusion
One day
One bright sunny day
Someone says
Hallo, it was an illusion
Love is eternal
There is no loss

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