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Key to the Heart

Some shocks
Are like doors closing
Slamming shut
Death has a finality
A cruelty
All of its own

There’s nothing beautiful in sorrow
And yet music reminds me
It’s OK to be sorrowful

I wandered
And I wondered
Will the pain ever go away?
I asked
And I prayed

Peering through a window
In my soul
There I was
Sitting desolate
On a park bench
My ears plugged with sorrow
Listening to sadness

Sorrow is not everything
It’s cracked up to be
Particularly in lonely songs
Yet that’s the music
Of choice

I wandered
And I wondered
And came to a door

That door opened
Very slightly
And it was beautiful
The light poured
Through the crack
As if I’d found the key
The key we shared
Like the ideas shared
The music we shared
And the love we shared
And I wondered
If that was enough
To feel and know
That we will never be apart
Even if death does have
A kind of finality

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