FUNERAL READINGS: Words and Stories

What If?

Most readings are produced at the time they are needed, but some take a while to create. This one took 10 years. A scientist who lost his wife, wanted a poetic reading that reassured him that consciousness doesn't end with death. There's a great reading by Aaron Freeman called "You want a physicist to speak at your funeral," but it's in prose. Poetry allows one to synthesize ideas and reiterate thoughts in a gentle way.

What if...
The scientists got it right?
Energy can't be destroyed
And you're still animated
Now and forever

What if...
The tragedy of death
Isn't such a tragedy
And you're free
Enjoying everything

What if...
We can speak to you
And you'll answer us
We need only think about you
And everything connects

What if...
The sorrowing is a waste of time
The material is immaterial
Energy doesn't begin or end
And just as we met here
We'll reconnect there